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The Concept: The 'Teddy Mountain®' Experience!

Teddy Mountain® is a magical and special teddy bear stuffing concept that will provide a lasting and memorable experience for all. It’s simple! Pick an unstuffed plush (a teddy bear or another animal) and fill it up using our child-safe stuffing machine. Then customize your teddy bear to your liking by picking out clothes and accessories such as shoes, sunglasses and even sporting outfits. 

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"Spots" the Leopard (40cm)

"Spots" the Leopard (20cm)

"Bennie" the Bengal Tiger (40cm)

"Bennie" the Bengal Tiger (20cm)

"Snowflake" the White Tiger (40cm)

"Snowflake" the White Tiger (20cm)

"Stretch" the Giraffe (40cm)

"Pink Patches" Bear (40cm)

"Pink Patches" Bear (20cm)

"Furry" Brown Bear (40cm)

"Furry" Brown Bear (20cm)

"Lambert" the Lamb (40cm)

"Star" the Unicorn (40cm)

"Mystic" the Unicorn (40cm)

"Happy" the Hippo (40cm)

"Trunks" the Elephant (40cm)

"Star" the Unicorn (20cm)

"Bamboo" the Panda (40cm)

"Pinks" the Pig (40cm)

"Ribbit" the Frog (40cm)

"Moo Moo" the Cow (40cm)

"Mookey" the Monkey (40cm)

"Cottonball" the Bunny Rabbit (40cm)

"Flopsy" the Bunny (40cm)

"Flopsy" the Bunny (20cm)

"Buttons" the Dog (40cm)

"Chopper" the Gator/Croc (40cm)

"Snowshoe" the Husky (40cm)

"Goldie" the Lab/Retriever (40cm)

"Shadow" the Black Labrador (40cm)

"Brown Patches" Bear (40cm)

"Brown Patches" Bear (20cm)

"Chestnut" the Horse (40cm)

"Sugar Plum" the Bear (40cm)

"Flippy" the Dolphin (40cm)

"Iceberg" the Polar Bear (40cm)

"Goldie" the Lab/Retriever (20cm)

"Buzz" the Bee (40cm)

"Honey" the Bear (40cm)

"Dyno" the Dinosaur (40cm)

"Sharky" the Shark (40cm)

"Quackers" the Duck (40cm)

"Baby Blue" Patch Bear (40cm)

"Patches" the Dog (20cm)

"Shadow" the Black Labrador (20cm)

"Crinkles" the White Bear (40cm)

"Honeypot" Brown Bear w/Bee (40cm)

"Rosie" the Pink Rabbit (40cm)

"Lucky" the Lady Bug w/Wings (40cm)

"King" the Lion (40cm)

"Tux" the Penguin (40cm)

"Posh" the Poodle (40cm)

"Mookey" the Monkey (20cm)

"Baby Blue" Patch Bear (20cm)

"Baby" Bear (40cm)

"Roxy" the Fox (40cm)

"Zippy" the Zebra (40cm)

"Roxy" the Fox (20cm)

"Snowshoe" the Husky (20cm)

"Chestnut" the Horse (20cm)

"Chewy" Chihuahua (20cm)

"Domino" the Dalmation (40cm)

"Bamboo" the Panda (20cm)

"Rosie" the Pink Rabbit (20cm)

"Trunks" the Elephant (20cm)

"Lucky" the Lady Bug w/Wings (20cm)

"Tux" the Penguin (20cm)

"Rudy" the Reindeer (40cm)

"Sherlock" the Meerkat (40cm)

"Baby" the White Seal (40cm)

"SilverBack" the Gorilla (40cm)

"Ted" the TM Mascot Bear w/Logo (40cm)

"Ted" the TM Mascot Bear (without Logo) (40cm)

Pink "Love Heart" Bear (40cm)

"Blue" the Dog (40cm)

"Daisy" the Pink Dog (40cm)

"Grizzly" the Happy Bear (without Flower) (40cm)

"Dyno" the Dinosaur (20cm)

"Icicle" the Snowman w/Red Hat and Scarf (40cm)

"Jill & Joey" Kangaroo's (40cm)

"Swirls" the Blue Turtle (40cm)

"Rainbows" the Bear (40cm)

"Oreo" the Orca Whale (40cm)

"Mumphry" the Moose (40cm)

Pink Patch Bear "Pillow Bed" (DIY/Unstuffed)

Lady Bug "Pillow Bed" (DIY/Unstuffed)

Husky Dog "Pillow Bed" (DIY/Unstuffed)

Monkey "Pillow Bed" (DIY/Unstuffed)

"Forest" The Happy Bunny (40cm)

"Angel" Bear (40cm)

"Dots" the Purple Kitty Cat (40cm)

"Ribbit" the Frog (20cm)

"Theodore" the Classic Bear (40cm)

"Cali" the Calico Cat (40cm)

Sooty (40cm)

Sweep (40cm)

Soo (40cm)

Soo (40cm)

"Lambert" the Lamb (20cm)

"Dreams" the Pink Tiger (40cm)

Christmas "The Cutest" Bear (20cm)

Christmas "The Cutest" Bear (40cm)

"Fearless" the Friendly Dragon (40cm)

"SweetHeart" the Floppy Bunny (40cm)

"Icicle" the Snowman w/Blue Hat and Scarf (40cm)

Bathrobe Pink (40cm)

Light Blue Bathrobe (40cm)

Pearl Heart Denim Dress (40cm)

Red Socks (40cm)

White Socks (40cm)

Blue leggings

Pink "Winter Wonderland" Outfit (40cm)

Purple "Winter Wonderland" Outfit (40cm)

Red "Winter Wonderland" Outfit (40cm)

Cowboy Pants Wide Legs (Blue) (40cm)

Cowboy Pants Wide Legs (Blue) (20cm)

Swim Shorts w/ Sunglasses (40cm)

Girl's "Love Heart" PJ (40cm)

Boy's Star PJ (40cm)

"Santa Claus" Outfit (40cm)

"Santa Claus" Outfit (20cm)

Pearl Heart Denim Dress (20cm)

Girl Rock Star w/ Microphone (40cm)

Girl Rock Star w/ Microphone (20cm)

Cowboy Outfit (40cm)

Cowboy Outfit (20cm)

Black Firefighter (40cm)

Black Firefighter (20cm)

Biker Outfit (40cm)

Biker "King of the Road" (20cm)

Purple/Silver Dress (40cm)

Purple/Silver Dress (20cm)

Bear PJ's (40cm)

Bear PJ's (20cm)

Irish Dress (40cm)

Red/White Cheerleader (40cm)

Red/White Cheerleader (20cm)

Pink/White Cheerleader (40cm)

Pink/White Cheerleader (20cm)

Purple/White Cheerleader (40cm)

Purple/White Cheerleader (20cm)

Pilot Outfit (40cm)

Pink Rose Dress (40cm)

Pink "Love" Outfit (40cm)

Spidey Teddy (20cm)

Spidey Teddy (40cm)

Black/White "Basketball" Outfit (20cm)

Purple "Cinderella" Dress w/ Wings (40cm)

Football Outfit (40cm)

Fairy "Princess" w/Wand & Tiara (20cm)

Fairy "Princess" w/Wand & Tiara (40cm)

Bee Dress w/Antenna (40cm)

Karate w/6 Color Belts (20cm)

Karate w/6 Color Belts (40cm)

Tuxedo (40cm)

Skeleton Outfit (40cm)

Graduation Gown (40cm)

Pink "Fairy" Outfit (40cm)

Doctor "Scrubs" Outfit (40cm)

"Lady Bug" Dress w/Antenna (40cm)

Marines Outfit (40cm)

Red "Winter" Robe (40cm)

White "Snowflake" Coat (40cm)

Red "Fashion" Coat (40cm)

Pink & Silver Dress (20cm)

Pink & Silver Dress (40cm)

Red & Silver Dress (20cm)

Red & Silver Dress (40cm)

Black & White Cheerleader (20cm)

Black & White Cheerleader (40cm)

Pink "Love" Outfit (20cm)

"Christmas" T-Shirt (40cm)

"Christmas" T-Shirt (20cm)

"Super Bear" Outfit (20cm)

"Super Bear" Outfit (40cm)

Checkered "Hoodie" w/Denim Pants (40cm)

BatBear w/Mask (20cm)

Army "Green" Outfit w/Hat (20cm)

Cowgirl w/Pink Cowgirl Hat (40cm)

Cowgirl w/Pink Cowgirl Hat (20cm)

BatBear w/Mask(40cm)

"Bear Sox" Baseball Outfit (40cm)

"Love Heart" T-Shirt (40cm)

"Love Heart" T-Shirt (20cm)

"Silver Angel" Dress (40cm)

"Pink Butterfly" Outfit (40cm)

"Angel Fairy" Outfit (40cm)

"Moon & Stars" Sleeptime PJ's (40cm)

"Special Forces" (40cm)

"Fisherman" Outfit (40cm)

"Pirate" Outfit (40cm)

"Pirate" Outfit (20cm)

"Bride" w/Veil and Bouquet (40cm)

"Bride" w/Veil and Bouquet (20cm)

Royal Blue "Cheerleader" Outfit (20cm)

Royal Blue "Cheerleader" Outfit (40cm)

Red T-Shirt (40cm)

Red T-Shirt (20cm)

Pink T-Shirt(40cm)

Pink T-Shirt (20cm)

Light Blue T-Shirt (40cm)

Light Blue T-Shirt (20cm)

White T-Shirt (40cm)

White T-Shirt (20cm)

Satin Heart PJ w/Slippers (40cm)

White Silky Panties (40cm)

Pink Silky Panties (40cm)

Red Satin Heart Boxers (40cm)

Pink Satin Heart Boxers (40cm)

Army "Green" Outfit w/Cap (40cm)

Army Boxers (40cm)

Blue "Plaid" Boxers (40cm)

Army "Desert" Outfit w/Badge (20cm)

"SuperBear" Outfit w/Mask (40cm)

"SuperBear" Outfit w/Mask (20cm)

Pink "Fairy Dancing" Dress (40cm)

Blue "Fairy Dancing" Dress (40cm)

Purple Ballerina w/Ballet Shoes (40cm)

Pink "Shimmer" Satin PJ's (40cm)

Pink "Shimmer" Satin PJ's (20cm)

Batbear w/ Bat Hat (40cm)

"Dinosaur" Outfit (40cm)

"Dinosaur" Outfit (20cm)

"Farmer" Outfit (40cm)

Summer Denim Dress w/Bow (40cm)

Summer Denim Dress w/Bow (20cm)

"England" Soccer Outfit w/Ball (40cm)

"Manchester" Soccer Outfit w/Ball (40cm)

Girls "Love Heart" PJ (20cm)

Pink Raincoat w/ Boots (40cm)

Blue Raincoat w/ Boots (40cm)

Ladybug Swimsuit w/ Towel (40cm)

Ladybug Swimsuit w/ Towel (20cm)

Safari Outfit (40cm)

Sailor Boy w/Hat (40cm)

Chef Outfit (40cm)

Sailor Girl w/Bows (40cm)

Nurse Outfit (40cm)

Policeman (40cm)

Builder Outfit w/Hardhat & Toolbelt (40cm)

Witch Costume (40cm)

Red Birthday T-Shirt (40cm)

Blue Birthday T-Shirt (40cm)

"Cute Dog" Boys Outfit (40cm)

"Cool Racecar" Outfit (40cm)

Purple "Ribbon" Outfit w/Beaded Jeans (40cm)

"Peace Out" T-Shirt w/Zig Zag Jeans (40cm)

"Glamor" Dance Outfit (40cm)

Silver "White Winter" Outfit (40cm)

Amazing "Silver Shine" Dress (40cm)

Pink Bathrobe w/Bunny Slippers (40cm)

Pink Bathrobe w/Slippers (20cm)

Blue Bathrobe w/Slippers (20cm)

Amazing "Pink Pearly" Dress (20cm)

Amazing "Pink Pearly" Dress (40cm)

Pink "Polka Dot" Dress w/Bow (20cm)

Pink "Polka Dot" Dress w/Bow (40cm)

"Love Hope Peace" w/Ribbon Outfit (40cm)

Dark "Purple Heart" PJ (40cm)

Army "Desert" Outfit w/Badge (40cm)

"Liverpool" Soccer Outfit w/Soccer Ball (40cm)

"Liverpool" Soccer Outfit w/Soccer Ball (20cm)

"Manchester" Soccer Outfit (20cm)

Birthday Girl Outfit (40cm)

Purple "Fairy" Princess w/Wand & Tiara (40cm)

Green "Fairy" Princess w/Wand & Tiara (40cm)

"Love Rocks" Top w/Polka Dot Skirt (40cm)

"Love Rocks" Top w/Polka Dot Skirt (20cm)

"Sunny Days" Pink PJ's (40cm)

"Sunny Days" Blue PJ's (40cm)

"Sunny Days" Pink PJ's (20cm)

"Sunny Days" Blue PJ's (20cm)

"Satin Rose" Top w/Denim Pants (40cm)

"Off Roading" Outfit w/Cargo Jeans (40cm)

"Faded" Denim Jacket (40cm)

Spring "Girl Power" Outfit (40cm)

Cool "Pinstripe Vest" Dress Shirt & Denim (40cm)

"Canada Hockey" w/Helmet & Stick (40cm)

"Blue Fancy" Chinese Robe (40cm)

Black & Red Cheerleader (40cm)

Green & White Cheerleader (20cm)

"Adorable Hearts" Dress (20cm)

"Adorable Hearts" Dress (40cm)

"Santa Bear" T-Shirt (20cm)

"Santa Bear" T-Shirt (40cm)

Mrs. Claus Outfit (40cm)

Unicorn ?Glitter? Outfit (40cm)

Cool Dirt Biker T-Shirt (40cm)

"Princess in Training" T-Shirt (40cm)

"I Just Farted" Cute Dog T-Shirt (40cm)

"Safari" T-Shirt (40cm)

"Treasure Island" Pirates T-Shirt (40cm)

Red "Polka Dot" Swimsuit w/Red Towel (40cm)

White "Snowflake" Coat (40cm)

"Barcelona" Soccer Outfit w/Ball (40cm)

Safari Outfit w/Hat & Canteen (20cm)

Chef Outfit ( 20cm)

Policeman (20cm)

Purple "Cinderella" Dress w/ Wings ( 20cm)

"Pink Butterfly" Outfit 20cm

"Lady Bug" Dress w/Antenna( 20cm)

Bee Dress w/Antenna (20cm)

Tuxedo (20cm)

Pink Rose Dress (20cm)

Green "Fairy" Princess w/Wand & Tiara (20cm)

Red Birthday T-Shirt (20cm)

Blue Birthday T-Shirt (20cm)

"Surfer Dude" Muscle Shirt (40cm)

Hawaiian Boy w/Flower Lei (40cm)

Hawaiian Girl w/Flower Lei (40cm)

Summer "Butterfly" Outfit w/Belt (40cm)

Pink Rain Coat w/Boots (20cm)

Blue Raincoat w/Boots (20cm)

Satin Heart PJ w/Slippers (20cm)

Baby Girl "Jumpsuit" (40cm)

Baby Boy "Jumpsuit" (40cm)

Ballerina w/Ballet Shoes & Panties (40cm)

Pink "Glitter Rose" Jumpsuit (40cm)

Tennis Girl Outfit (40cm)

"Bear Olympic" T-Shirt (40cm)

"Bear Olympic" Jogging Outfit (40cm)

NEW Birthday Girl Outfit (20cm)

Blue "I Love Monkey's" Shirt w/Denim Pants (40cm)

Skater Hoodie w/Denim Pants (40cm)

"Fairy Tale" Princess Dress (40cm)

Silver "Sequined" Vest & Shirt w/Denim Pants (40cm)

Pink Skirt w/Bow (40cm)

Pink Skirt w/ Bow (20cm)

"I Love Santa" Outfit (40cm)

"Chelsea" Soccer Outfit (40cm)

Yellow & Black Firefighter (20cm)

"Color Me" Happy Birthday T-Shirt (40cm)

"Color Me" Pirate T-Shirt (40cm)

"Color Me" Prince T-Shirt (40cm)

"Color Me" Princess T-Shirt (40cm)

"Hugs for Hope" T-Shirt (40cm)

"Color Me" My Name Is T-Shirt (40cm)

"Bee Well Soon" T-Shirt (40cm)

"Color Me" Christmas T-Shirt (40cm)

Pink Sandals (40cm)

Pink Sandals (20cm)

Pink Flower Sandal (40cm)

Pink Furry Boots (40cm)

Pink Furry Boots (20cm)

Dark Brown Cowboy Boots (40cm)

Fashion High Straps Black Boots (20cm)

White/Pink Tennis Shoes (20cm)

White Tennis Shoes w/ Blue Stripe (20cm)

Colored Sneakers (20cm)

Pink Sneakers (20cm)

Dark Blue Sneakers (20cm)

Pink Straps Boots (40cm)

Pink Straps Boots (20cm)

Army Green Sneakers (20cm)

Bunny Slippers (40cm)

Pink Star Tennis Shoes (40cm)

Purple 'Strappy Happy' Shoe (40cm)

Red "Kiss" Heart Shoe (40cm)

"Girl Power" Shoe (40cm)

"Flower Power" Shoe (40cm)

"Cutie Rainbow" Shoe (40cm)

"Bad Bear" shoe (40cm)

Pink "Love Heart" Shoe (40cm)

Purple "Love Heart" Shoe (40cm)

Luv Bug Slippers (40cm)

Piggy Slippers (40cm)

Girly "Checkered" Boot (40cm)

Pink "Girl Power" Boot (40cm)

Black "Girl Power" Boot (40cm)

Summer Sandal (40cm)

Silver Sandal (40cm)

Blue Star Tennis Shoes (40cm)

Silver Sparkly "High Top" Shoe (40cm)

Red Tennis Shoe (40cm)

White Dress Shoe w/"Diamond" Buckle (40cm)

Soccer "Football" Cleats (40cm)

"Hearts" Sandals w/Bow (40cm)

Pink "Plaid" Sandals w/Bow (40cm)

"Red Star" White Tennis Shoes (40cm)

"Red Star" Black Tennis Shoes (40cm)

"Silver Shine" Sandals w/Buckle (20cm)

White Skates w/New Stronger Blades (40cm)

"Black Laced" Ice Skates (40cm)

Pink "Glitter Flower" Shoes (40cm)

Blue "Angel Heart" Glitter Shoes (40cm)

Red "Denim" Shoes (20cm)

Blue "Denim" Shoes (20cm)

Black "Boy Racing" Shoes (40cm)

Red "Sweetheart" Shoe (40cm)

Purple "Glitter Flower" Shoes (40cm)

Pink "Singing Star" Shoes (40cm)

Black "Cool Sneaker" Shoes (40cm)

Pink Sleep'n Bag (40cm)

Blue Sleep'n Bag (40cm)

Pink Sleep'n Bag (20cm)

Blue Sleep'n Bag (20cm)

Cow "MOO" Sound

Dog "Ruff, Ruff" Sound

Pig "Oink, Oink" Sound

"Snoring" Sleeping Sound

Tiger "Roar" Sound

Wolf "Howling" Sound

"Kiss & I Love You" Sound Combo

"Happy Birthday" Sound

"Kissing" Sound

Lion "Roar" Sound

Funny "Gas" Sound

"I Love You" Sound

"Whistle" Sound

"Cat" Sound

"Baby's Laughter" Sound

"Monkey" Sound

"Jingle Bells" Sound

"Frog" Sound

"You Are My Sunshine" Sound

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" Sound

"Hush Little Baby" Sound

Pink Hat and Scarf (40cm)

Cute Bear Purses - 3 Color Mixed Pack (40cm)

Recordable Sound Modules - 12 Seconds

Hair Bows - 4 Color, 72 QTY Mixed Pack!

Adoption Center Certificates (100 Qty to a pack)

Red Bandana (40cm)

Blue Bandana (40cm)

Pink Bandana (40cm)

Red Leash w/Collar (40cm)

Blue Leash w/Collar (40cm)

Pink "Guardian Angel" Inserts (Pack of 50)

Royal Blue "Guardian Angel" Inserts (Pack of 50)

Purple Leash w/Collar (40cm)

Christmas Hat (40cm) w/Ear Elastics

Christmas Hat (20cm) w/Ear Elastics

Dark Blue Hat and Scarf (40cm)

Pink "Roller" Stroller (Plastic Frame)(40cm)

Pink "Roller" Stroller w/Canopy (Metal Frame)(40cm)

Full Color "Backpack" Bag (40cm)(250/pack)

Full Color "TM Backpack" Bag (40cm)(250/Pack)

Blue Fabric Handbag w/TM Logo (25/pack)

Blue Fabric Handbag w/Bear Head (25/pack)

Bear "Pink Army" Tent

Teddy "Bear Flower" Backpack (40cm)

Teddy "Bear Army" Backpack (40cm)

"Mister Cool" Silver Sunglasess (40cm)

Pink "Butterfly" Sunglasses (40cm)

Purple "Sparkly" Sunglasses (40cm)

Red "Fancy" Sunglasses (40cm)

Blue "Sparkly" Sunglasses (40cm)

"Cars" Sleep'n Bag (40cm)

"Flowers" Sleep'n Bag (40cm)

Bear Tent "Army Green"

"Polar Bear" Hat for Children

"Penguin" Hat for Children

"Reindeer" Hat for Children

"Pink Patch" Bear Hat for Children

Starter Bundle #1

Starter Bundle #2

Starter Bundle #3

Starter Bundle #4

"Kiosk" Plush/Clothing Display Cart

"Loco" the Large Train Stuffer (220-240v)

Blue Plastic Bags w/ Handles

Mountaineer's Loyalty and Gift Cards

TM Point-of-Sale Software (Single Lane)

Blue Fabric Backpack Bags w/TM Logo (40cm)

Blue Fabric Backpack Bags w/Teddy Face (40cm)

Colorful "Heart" Inserts (250 Qty/bag)

Fiberfill Stuffing (1 QTY, 25# Box, 1 1/4" Cut)

Critter Cottage (20cm) - Thin Style/No Logo

TM Point-of-Sale Software (2nd Lane)

Orange Fabric Backpack with Teddy Face

Orange Fabric Backpack w/Teddy Mountain Logo

Blue Fabric Backpacks Bags w/Teddy Face (50 pk)

Blue Fabric Backpack Bags w/TM logo (50 pk)

Bale of FiberFill (500 pounds)

Colorful "Star" Inserts (50 Qty/Bag)

Critter Cottage (40cm) - Standard/No Logo

Critter Cottage (40cm) - Standard w/TM Logo

Fiberfill Stuffing (1 Qty 12 KG Box, 1 1/4 " Cut)

Bale of FiberFill (700 pounds)

Fiberfill Stuffing (1 QTY, 18 KG box, 1 1/4 cut)